Syrian Internet Connections Cut for Second Day; Official Syrian Web Sites Hosted in US

Activists in Syria reported on Friday that Internet connections were cut for a second successive day, fanning speculation among opponents of President Bashar al-Assad about the government’s intentions in coming days.But some supporters of the rebels seeking Mr. Assad’s overthrow in the country’s bloody civil war said they could bypass the blackout on Internet servers by using satellite communications. see:Global hacking network declares Internet war on Syria
Global hacking network Anonymous said it will shut down Syrian government websites around the world in response to a countrywide Internet blackout believe aimed at silencing the opposition to President Bashar al-Assad.Syria was plunged into communication darkness on Thursday when Internet connectivity stopped at midday. Land lines and mobile phones networks were also seriously disrupted. Syrian Web Sites Hosted in U.S.
Even as Syrians lost access to the Internet on Thursday, people outside the country could still browse the Syrian government’s many Web sites for much of the day because they are hosted in foreign countries, including the United States.By nightfall, after being contacted by The New York Times, several host companies said they were taking down those sites. They and similar companies had been identified in reports published by Citizen Lab, a research laboratory that monitors North American Web service providers that host Syrian Web sites. providers host Syrian government websites [IDG]
Web hosting providers from the U.S., Canada and other Western nations have been hosting official Syrian government websites, in violation of sanction orders from the U.S. and other governments, according to a Canadian Web research organization.The Internet and telecommunications blackout in Syria started Thursday around noon local time, but many Syrian government websites were available to the public because they were hosted by Western providers, according to a story in the New York Times. Several of those hosting providers took down the Syrian websites when reporters contacted them.

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