SWITCH Retains .CH Registry For Five More Years [updated]

The SWITCH Foundation has once again won the right to operate the .ch (Switzerland) ccTLD for the five years from 2017 to 2022, the Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) announced with its proposals for dealing with cybercrime one of the key reasons it won the tender.In announcing winning the tender on Twitter, SWITCH said they are “very proud”. And it means SWITCH will continue to operate .ch as it has since 2003.”We are very proud that OFCOM has decided in our favour and will continue to work hard to ensure that .ch domains remain among the most secure in the world,” said SWITCH’s Managing Director Andreas Dudler later in a statement. “To this end, we work closely with authorities and partners in the Internet industry throughout the world, not just in Switzerland.”SWITCH won the public tender process launched in mid-April 2016. OFCOM noted its tender stood out for the combination of an excellent concept for combating cybercrime and a good price/performance ratio. Other criteria that were part of the tender process were experience, community, economic independence and DNSSEC.The Swiss Federal Council has declared .ch a critical infrastructure. It was determined that .ch requires special protection because large parts of public life would grind to a halt if it were to break down, which is the case with most of the country code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs) around the world.SWITCH in announcing they had won the tender noted they had always endeavoured to keep this infrastructure operating securely and stably. The foundation has played a pioneering role in the fight against cybercrime. It was the first registry to begin taking decisive action against the distribution of malicious software and the theft of personal login details for online services.It means that from July 2017 to at least 2022 the SWITCH Foundation will continue to manage the national database of .ch domain names. Its tasks include the assignment and revocation of the right to use internet addresses with the ending “.ch”. The contract can be extended for a further five years by mutual consent.SWITCH won the tender, OFCOM said, because its bid achieved the highest score of the bids which were submitted.