SWITCH Launches Website Aiming To Improve Security On The Internet

SWITCH logoSWITCH has created a website with a focus on prevention to help safeguard domains in Switzerland. Under the title Safer Internet, SWITCH informs domain name holders about the dangers lurking on the Internet and explains how they can protect their website against attacks. SWITCH is tasked by the Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) with registering domain names ending in .ch and also works to ensure a secure and stable Internet in Switzerland.

[news release] Dangers lurking on the Internet include drive-by attacks and phishing. Many domain name holders are unaware of the threats posed by cybercriminals or how to prevent them. One of the SWITCH foundation’s main goals is to make the Internet safe in Switzerland. With this in mind, it has created the new website www.switch.ch/saferinternet. SWITCH security expert Michael Hausding explains: “Safer Internet is an information platform aimed at everyone who has a .ch website. It offers tips on preventing domain name misuse and information on risks relating to online content.” Available in English, German, French and Italian, the Safer Internet website is intended for a broad audience.

Preventing drive-by and phishing attacks

Most damage to .ch websites is caused by drive-by infections and phishing. In a drive-by attack, users visiting a website infect their computers with malware placed on the site by hackers. Phishing, meanwhile, is an attempt to gain access to Internet users’ personal information using fake websites, e-mails or instant messages. These types of attacks cause a huge amount of damage online. SWITCH’s new website tells domain name holders how they can protect their websites against cybercriminals. Under the heading ‘Make your website safer’, SWITCH offers advice on how to prevent such attacks. Safer Internet also includes details of the risks these attacks bring with them and why more and more websites are being targeted.

About Safer Internet

Safer Internet is a website containing information about how to prevent the misuse of domain names. It explains some common security issues and offers advice on dealing with them. If you have any questions about website security, please feel free to contact SWITCH.

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