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SWITCH, .CH Registry, Celebrates 25th Anniversary

The SWITCH Foundation, operator of the registry for .CH (Switzerland) domain names, celebrated its 25th anniversary last week. To commemorate the anniversary, SWITCH have had a look back at its 25 years and looked at what it has achieved, and also looked at the future.For more on SWITCH’s 25 years, check out the SWITCH announcement below:SWITCH celebrates its 25th anniversaryThe SWITCH Foundation is looking back on the first 25 years of its existence today. As a partner to the universities, SWITCH develops services for researchers, lecturers and students which strengthen Switzerland as a research location and contribute towards networking the universities. Projects for the younger generation and the development of an e-identity are pointing the way to the future for sustainable Internet services.Since it was founded in 1987, SWITCH has been committed to creating, storing and disseminating new knowledge. As part of the Swiss university community, the Foundation makes researchers, lecturers and students more successful on a global basis through comprehensive networking and individual ICT services. It is SWITCH’s close cooperation with the university community and the corporate culture characterised by a team spirit, solidarity and curiosity that have made it a success. “Its global networking ensures that SWITCH is always on the ball”, explains Andreas Dudler, managing director of SWITCH.SWITCH services make their mark on everyday university life
Today, members of the universities use services provided by SWITCH on a daily basis in their work and studies. The SWITCH AAI login, for example, gives 350,000 students and university members secure access to a large number of e-learning systems, web applications and learning platforms at all the participating universities in Switzerland.The authentication and authorisation infrastructure AAI has considerably strengthened Switzerland as a research location and made a key contribution towards networking the universities. AAI has also proved successful internationally: comparable infrastructures are being set up and further developed all over the globe. In the field of e-learning and cooperation, SWITCH has developed services for online lectures, virtual project work, interactive web conferences, an e-learning forum and digital learning libraries.A look to the future
SWITCH is supporting the “Information Technology Biber Switzerland” project, which shows young people just how versatile and relevant to everyday life the Internet is. This IT competition for children and young people in years 5 to 13 at school is intended to arouse young people’s interest in information technology. A further future-oriented project is the e-identity launched in conjunction with Swiss universities, which is developing a permanent, globally compatible, digital identity for lifelong students in Switzerland. SWITCH is keeping a finger on the pulse of innovation with its Innovation Engine: all those belonging to a university are entitled to contribute their idea for an ICT service. If the idea fulfils criteria such as implementability, relevance and financeablility, SWITCH will develop an appropriate service for the university community.

A look back
25 years of SWITCH, 25 years of “.ch” and 25 years of Internet in Switzerland: the virtual journey through time is online at: www.switch.ch/about/25yearsLinks: