Swiss Say Google’s Street View Is Too Revealing

Swiss officials said Friday that they had sued Google to try to require it to tighten privacy safeguards on its Street View online service. It is the latest of a series of European objections to the company’s handling of personal information.The Swiss data protection authority said it had filed a complaint with the Federal Administrative Court after Google balked at its demand for additional measures to make obscure the images of people who appear in Street View, particularly in areas around hospitals, schools and prisons. see:Switzerland takes Google to court
Web search giant Google faces a court case in Switzerland because of privacy concerns over its Street View service.The application allows a 360-degree view of any street-level location.”Numerous faces and vehicle number plates are not made sufficiently unrecognisable,” said data protection commissioner Hanspeter Thuer.Google said it was disappointed by the move. The firm says it is sure that Street View is legal in Switzerland and will “vigorously contest” the case. privacy commissioner miffed, taking Google to court
Google’s Street View has pushed Switzerland’s privacy commissioner over the edge. His organization plans to take Google to court over what it considers to be egregious privacy violations on behalf of Swiss citizens after months of trying to negotiate with the company. Privacy Official Sues Google
The top Swiss privacy official said Friday that he is suing Google for failing to include adequate privacy safeguards in its Street View service, which allows people to get street-level pictures of locations plugged into Google Maps. Swiss Data Protection and Information Commissioner Hanspeter Thür announced in a statement that he has decided to take legal action after Google refused to take various measures suggested by his office to protect personal privacy on its Street View service. contend Google doesn’t blur Street View enough [IDG]
Switzerland’s data protection authority said Friday it will sue Google for allegedly failing to obscure faces, license plates and other sensitive images from its Street View photo mapping Web application.It’s the latest problem for Street View, which debuted to controversy in the U.K. and raised concerns when vehicles mounted with periscope cameras began shooting imagery in Germany earlier this year. European Public Policy Blog: Street View in Switzerland
Today we have learned that Swiss Data Protection Authority intends to take Google to court over Street View in Switzerland. We are disappointed. Data Protection Commissioner Herr Thuer has taken this move despite our efforts to provide a comprehensive set of solutions to his concerns.We want to take this opportunity to outline the situation to date and to explain why we believe his legal action is unnecessary. Datenschützer klagen Google
Googles Online-Dienst Street View wird in der Schweiz ein Fall für das Bundesverwaltungsgericht. Der Eidgenössische Datenschutz- und Öffentlichkeitsbeauftragte (EDÖB) Hanspeter Thür hat angekündigt, eine Klage einzubringen

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