Swiss Official Demands Shutdown of Google Street View

A Swiss government official is demanding that Google immediately shut down its Street View Maps service in the country, but the company said Monday that it would discuss the matter with the privacy rights regulator.Hanspeter Thür, the federal data protection commissioner, said Google’s pictures, which were introduced last week, violated the country’s privacy laws because they failed to obscure people’s identities. privacy commissioner says “nein” to Google Street View
Google launched Street View in Switzerland last week, and the Swiss Privacy Commissioner isn’t satisfied that it will safeguard the privacy of Swiss citizens.
See here for more on this story.Now the Swiss go after Google Street View
Google must be used to having its neutrality questioned by now. However, when the alleged home of neutrality comes after you, perhaps you wonder if all this questioning of your motives is ever going to stop.Not so long ago, it was the Greeks who decided they weren’t too happy with Street View’s prying artificial eyes. Now, according to the Associated Press, it’s the Swiss who are getting nervous about their much vaunted (and much-profited from) privacy.

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