.SWISS General Availability Commences 11 January

SWISS gTLD logoGeneral Availability for the .swiss gTLD will commence on 11 January, but domains will still only be available for applicants that have a registered office and actual administrative site in Switzerland as well as a clear connection with the requested domain.

In the Sunrise phase, there were 9,738 applications for .swiss domains with around 7,000 assigned after evaluation.

Successful applicants for .swiss domains once General Availability commences will still be required to meet the basic conditions and new applications will be published weekly on the www.nic.swiss website for a period of 20 days in order to allow comments or rival applications to be submitted. If they are not contested, the domain names will be assigned at the end of this period. Otherwise, OFCOM will arbitrate disputes on the basis of the rules of the Ordinance on Internet Domains. In particular, priority will be given to public bodies and then to entities which exercise a right related to the requested name. Depending on the individual cases, auctions, drawing of lots or an evaluation of the best added value brought to the Swiss community will be used to decide between candidatures which are equivalent in every respect.

There will also be a number of premium domains available that relate to a sector, such as hotels.swiss and watch.swiss. Successful applicants will have to make these domains available to the entire community which it represents.

Each application for these premium sector domains will be subject to a one-off fee of CHF 2900 per dossier, and CHF 360 per annum for its monitoring activities. The applicant will pay these amounts in the total invoice which its registrar will submit to it.