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Internet Governance Expert Theresa Swinehart to Advise ICANN on Global Strategy


Theresa Swinehart imageTheresa Swinehart, a leading expert on international Internet governance and policy and a major force in ICANN’s historical evolution, has been named Senior Advisor to the President on Global Strategy.


Most recently, Swinehart served as the Executive Director of Global Internet Policy for Verizon Communications, where she specialized in emerging issues and stakeholder and policy leader engagement.


“As ICANN expands its global presence, it is critical that we bring on board someone who is capable of uniting the international community in pursuit of strategic matters.” said Fadi Chehadé, President and CEO. “Theresa played an important role in ICANN’s history and her institutional knowledge of the past will serve us well as we look to the future.”


Swinehart previously served as ICANN’s Vice President of Global and Strategic Partnerships, leading an international team dedicated to expanding the organization’s outreach around the world.  She was instrumental in the development of ICANN, and represented the organization’s global presence in front of a wide and ranging audience, from technical organizations to the business community and beyond.


In her new role Swinehart will oversee a strategy team that has overarching responsibility for a range of strategic initiatives including ICANN’s recently announced Strategy Panels, and the organization’s five-year strategic plan.


“As global Internet usage grows, all the issues surrounding ICANN’s strategy and role become all the more important,” said Swinehart. “I’m excited about helping ICANN form a future vision consistent with its mission and the needs of the global community.”


Swinehart assumes her new position on September 16.


She obtained her law degree from American University’s Washington College of Law. Swinehart also holds a postgraduate degree in International Studies from the University of Vienna and a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the University of California, Davis.