Swedish Businesses & Individuals Prefer .SE Domains

.SE logoWith more than 834,000 .se domain names registered, Statistics Sweden has published a report titled Use of computers and the Internet by companies in 2008 that shows 88 percent of all companies with more than ten employees that have a domain name select a .se domain and six out of ten private individuals choose .se over other top-level domains.

A record total of 229,042 new .se domain names were registered in 2008, compared with 188,652 .se registered in 2007 and 204,830 during the previous record year of 2006. At the end of 2008, there were 834,000 active .se domain names, which corresponds to growth of nearly 19 percent.

The report also showed nearly all major companies have their own domain names with 85 per cent of all Swedish companies having their own domain names. Among companies with more than 250 employees, 98 per cent have their own domain names. Companies within the energy sector are most likely to acquire their own domains – 98 percent of these companies hold their own domain names – followed by the financial sector with 95 percent and business-consulting services with 91 per cent.

The figures are different though with smaller companies. A total of 59 per cent of small companies with fewer than ten employees had registered their own domain name in 2008. The majority of small companies with their own domain names operate within the financial sector (78%), followed by business-consulting services (69%). The construction sector reported the highest number of small companies that plan to acquire their own domain name (6% of the companies surveyed stated that they intend to register a domain name).

Among companies with fewer than ten employees and their own domain name, 85 per cent stated that they have a .se address and 75 per cent of these companies use this domain name as their primary address.

Among individuals, the typical registrant who registers a domain name is a man with post-secondary education, his own company, children and a monthly income of more than SEK 25,000 (€24,000/US$30,700).

A total of 15 per cent of Swedes have their own domain names, which is approximately in line with the figures for the rest of the Nordic region and Europe. The majority of women with domain names are between the ages of 45 and 54 (21 per cent) and the majority of men with domain names are between the ages of 55 and 64 (20 per cent). Most private individuals who have their own domain names are self employed (38 per cent). The most common top-level domain is .se, which was registered by 60 per cent of the individuals who registered a domain name.

The number of domains signed using .SE DNSSEC is growing at an ever faster rate the report says. The 1,000th domain – www.sormlandsmusikoteater.se, home of the website for Sörmlands Musik och Teater (Music and Theater in Sörmland) – was signed in November 2008. The number of signed domains now exceeds 1,500.

The report from Statistics Sweden is available in Swedish from:

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