Surviving Mexico City

With the ICANN meeting in Mexico City on next week, Domain Name Wire has published a guide to surviving the often violent city.

While the city can often be dangerous, with a few tips from the article, they suggest you lessen your risks of anything bad happening dramtically.

In addition to the tips, one piece of advice passed on to yours truly was to not change large amounts of money at the airport.

Also, when arriving at the airport and having passed through immigration, go through sliding doors to a large hall. A recommended taxi company is “Sitio 300” which can be found by walking right to the end where there are a couple of booths clearly marked taxis. Taxis, along with many other things in Mexico, can be paid with in $US and a taxi from the airport to the hotels where the ICANN meeting is should cost less than US$25.

Further advice was just be smart and don’t stand out in the crowd as a tourist. Oh, and keep your valuables close by at all times!

Lonely Planet also has a short guide online, which, in part, says:
To be sure pollution and crime remain real concerns for Chilangos, but since the turn of the millennium, there’s been a palpable sense that the capital has turned a page. Rather than heading for the apocalypse, it now seems destined for a renaissance.

For Lonely Planet information on Mexico City, see:

To read the Domain Name Wire report, see: