Survey Reveals Youth Attitudes Toward Technology

[Reuters] While young people embrace the Web with real or virtual friends and their mobile phone is never far away, relatively few like technology and those that do tend to be in Brazil, India and China, according to a survey. Only a handful think of technology as a concept, and just 16 percent use terms like “social networking,” said two combined surveys covering 8- to 24-year-olds published on Tuesday by Microsoft and Viacom units MTV Networks and Nickelodeon. “Young people don’t see “tech” as a separate entity – it’s an organic part of their lives,” said Andrew Davidson, vice president of MTV’s VBS International Insight unit.,134997-c,markettrends/article.html see:
Blog: Kiwi kids a switched on lot by Peter Griffin
The survey of 18000 children worldwide that forms the basis of the report “Circuits of Cool” put out by TV networks MTV and Nickelodeon makes for some interesting reading, if the results nevertheless match up with what the TV networks wanted to hear – the TV still rules. kids are digi-kids
A global study of eight to 14-year-olds in 12 countries, including New Zealand, shows that Kiwi kids are embracing technology like never before.

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