Sunrise For .MOTORCYCLES Opened 15 June; .AUTOS Moves Closer To GA

The .motorcycles new gTLD Sunrise period opened on 15 June. The motorcycles gTLD is exclusively available for entities providing products and services for the motorcycle community.

Dot Motorcycles logoThe Sunrise phase as usual allows those with trademarks registered in the Trademark Clearinghouse, or TMCH, to register .motorcycles domains that match their registered marks.

Dominion Registries even provides their top six reasons to register a .motorcycles domain name:

  • Be a leader, a first mover and be associated with innovation in the historic shift in internet addresses.
  • Define your business or product line better with a more descriptive website address.
  • Make it easier to identify your business or products in search results.
  • Use it for an amazing ad campaign that will really stand out to consumers.
  • Simply use it to extend your online brand and awareness, capturing traffic and integrating it into your overall corporate domain name strategy.
  • Show your customers you are part of a safe, secure domain namespace they can trust.

All .motorcycles domain owners are validated. Before anyone is allowed to register a domain they are checked to ensure they are a legitimate entity that provides goods and/or services to the powersports community.

Dominion Registries has a number of gTLDs including .autos, .boats, .homes and yachts.

For .autos, registrations are now open to any organisation on their list of eligible automotive categories. Domain names must correspond to a registrant’s business name, brand or a derivative of these. For example, if a dealer group is called Penske Automotive Group, the registrant could apply for Penske.Autos or PenskeGroup.Autos or even PenskeGroupAutomotive.Autos.

There is also a Founders programme for all Dominion new gTLDs. To participate Dominion requires a fully completed application or a formal proposal including each element in this application on your company letterhead.