Sunday Times the testbed in Rupert Murdoch’s online revolution

Rupert Murdoch will use the Sunday Times as a testbed for a radical new strategy designed to transform the finances of his British newspaper business by charging for online content.The newspaper’s website, currently combined with that of its daily sister title the Times, will be launched as a standalone site,, at the end of November, according to senior industry sources. news websites: tried and tested
The grand old lady of American newspapers, the New York Times, is considering a fresh attempt to charge for its website after scrapping two earlier “fee walls” on the grounds that they made poor business sense.Janet Robinson, chief executive of the NYT’s parent company, recently revealed that the paper was examining either a “metered” or a “membership” model of pricing on the internet. The move was an about-turn for the company which has struggled to make on-line subscriptions work in the past. views on Rupert Murdoch’s online pay-to-view strategy or die, online news services told
A media analyst says news companies must start charging for online services or they will suffer a similar fate to newspapers.Media giant Rupert Murdoch yesterday announced his company News Corp suffered a 30 per cent decline on last year’s performance.Mr Murdoch has long been an advocate for charging for internet content and he said yesterday that in future, access to News Corp material on the web may come at a price.”Quality journalism is not cheap and an industry that gives away its content is simply cannibalising its ability to produce good reporting,” Mr Murdoch said.Peter Cox of Cox Media thinks Mr Murdoch has got the right attitude. fee, no FT: newspaper joins rush to charge for the internet
The Financial Times may follow Rupert Murdoch’s move to charge for content on news websitesThe Financial Times is in talks to introduce a “pay-per-article” system inspired by the Apple iTunes model, which could change the culture of reading news on the internet.Senior sources at the FT have confirmed that the group is in discussions with a number of payment processor companies to establish a simple “one -lick” procedure that would enable consumers to pay a small fee for single articles that would otherwise be available only to subscribers.

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