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Summer Approaches And Domain Sales Heat Up

Domain Name Journal logoA trio of previously unreported six-figure sales topped Domain Name Journal’s sales chart for the week to 6 May. Number one was, selling for $310,000 through, making it the third largest sale to date in 2012.

Second was, selling for $120,000 through Toby Clements Newsletter while was the third six-figure sale, selling for $100,000 through DomainAdvisors.

The first sale Sedo had a hand in was, selling for $90,000 through DomainNameSales and Sedo.

Sedo kept its hold on the top 20 with the most sales, but only just, showing there is increasing competition among domain name aftermarket companies in 2012. Sedo was responsible for five sales, including the aforementioned sale in conjunction with DomainNameSales.

AfternicDLS was responsible for four sales, while DomainAdvisors and DomainNameSales also had a hand in four sales.

But the dominance of .COM still shines through with 18 of the top 20 sales with only and being the only non-.COM sales.

To check out the Domain Name Journal list of top reported sales for the week to 6 May, go to: