Suit Says 2 Chinese Firms Stole a Web-Blocking Code for Green Dam

A software company in California has sued two Chinese technology firms, charging that they stole its computer code to make an Internet-monitoring program that China’s government sought to install on every computer in the country last year before backing down.The lawsuit by Cybersitter also names as defendants seven computer makers, including Sony, Lenovo and Acer, accusing them of willingly joining a Chinese government plan to spread the software, known as Green Dam Youth Escort, throughout the country. The Chinese government was also named in the suit. see:US software firm sues China over Green Dam piracy
A US firm is suing China for alleged piracy of internet filtering software, claiming that lines of code were copied for the controversial Green Dam censorship program.Cybersitter, which produces software to help parents filter content for their children, filed a $2.2bn (£1.4bn) lawsuit in a federal court in Los Angeles yesterday. The company names the Chinese government, two Chinese software firms and seven computer makers in the suit. sued for ‘stealing’ Cybersitter software program
A US maker of software that helps parents to filter internet content for their children is suing the Chinese Government for allegedly stealing its technology and using it to block sites deemed politically undesirable.Cybersitter LLC has requested damages of $2.2 billion (£1.3 billion) after filing a federal lawsuit in Los Angeles. Gregory Fayer, representing the Santa Barbara-based firm, said: “I don’t think I have ever seen such clear-cut stealing.”

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