Study: Search engine privacy policies improving

The Center for Democracy and Technology praised many search-engine providers for recent changes to their privacy policies with some policies setting limits on data retention. But the CDT remains concerned that in many cases, search-engine users have little control over their data and that most major search engines retain query data indefinitely, officials of the group said Wednesday. the report, see:
CDT report Identifies Beginnings of Competitive Marketplace for Search Privacy [news release]
In a trend that could substantially benefit Internet users, the largest Internet search companies are beginning to aggressively compete with one another to offer stronger privacy protections, according to a report published today by the Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT). report Tracks and Compares Competition for Search Privacy
A report published today by CDT tracks the efforts of the leading Internet search companies as they begin to aggressively compete with one another to offer stronger privacy protections. In a string of recent announcements, the companies announced steps they were taking to delete old user data, strip the personally identifiable information out of stored search records, and, in one case, give users the option to have all of their search records deleted. CDT’s Search Privacy Practices report details and compares the revamped privacy policies of the five largest search providers and offers recommendations for both the industry and lawmakers for how to strengthen privacy protections further.

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