Study: Facebook users willingly give out data

Facebook users are too willing to give out their personal information, security firm Sophos has found.According to Sophos’ Australian team, which conducted a study to see how likely Facebook users were to offer up personal information, 41 to 46 percent of the 100 people Sophos contacted “blindly accepted” friend requests from two fake Facebook users created by the security firm. see:Facebook users have yet to learn privacy lessons, finds study
Facebook users still give out their personal information far too readily two years on from a report which first came to that conclusion, according to security company Sophos.Two years ago Sophos conducted an experiment amongst UK Facebook users. It created a fictional character and asked 100 people to befriend it; 43 did. It has just conducted the same experiment in Australia and found that social networking users have not learned to be more careful. users fall for rubber duck’s friend request
Facebook users haven’t learned to keep their personal information private, a security researcher said today after his company conducted a test that sent randomly-selected people a friend request from bogus accounts.One of the account profiles sported only an image of a yellow rubber duck, while the other was represented by a pair of cats.

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