Storm clouds looming for Internet, experts say

At FutureNet, speakers warned of impending Internet problems, including a dwindling supply of IP addresses and overloaded routersWhile no one predicted a Mad Max-style apocalyptic catastrophe, experts at FutureNet this week nonetheless said that Internet architecture will face stiff challenges over the next few years that could put significant strain on the Web’s effectiveness.FutureNet is an annual conference held to address communications services from the perspectives of enterprises, ISPs, and vendors. Its sponsor, Nemertes Research, made waves last year when it released a study that claimed that future Web growth would be slowed by inadequate investment in access-layer capacity. Additionally, the paper looked into other potential limits to Internet growth, including a lack of IP addresses and strains on routing tables. Both issues were hot topics of discussion at FutureNet, as panelists and speakers debated just how severe these challenges would be to Internet growth and what strategies ISPs and vendors should use to meet them.

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