Storm Botnet Turned Toward Phishing Attacks

Major banks targeted in intensive phishing effort driven by infamous botnetFirst it was spam, then it was denial of service. Now the operators of Storm have found a new use for the botnet: phishing.Phishers masquerading as Barclays Bank and the Halifax unit of the National Bank of Scotland are now pumping out bogus messages to unwary users, according to separate alerts issued by Fortinet and Trend Micro last night. splinters, starts phishing, say researchers
Part of the Storm botnet appears to have been rented out to identity thieves, who are using it to conduct traditional phishing attacks that target customers of a pair of U.K.-based banks, researchers said today.Two recent phishing attacks — one aimed at customers of Barclays, the second at account holders of the Bank of Scotland — appear to be coming from domains associated with known campaigns designed to build out the botnet of Storm-infected PCs.

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