Stern Words, and a Pea-Size Punishment, for Google in Germany

Regulators in Germany, one of the most privacy-sensitive countries in the world, unleashed their wrath on Google on Monday for scooping up sensitive personal information in the Street View mapping project, and imposed the largest fine ever assessed by European regulators over a privacy violation.The penalty? $189,225.Put another way, that’s how much Google made every two minutes last year, or roughly 0.002 percent of its $10.7 billion in net profit. see:Germany Fines Google Over Data Collection
A German privacy regulator fined Google €145,000 on Monday for the systematic, illegal collection of personal data while it was creating the Street View mapping service, and called on European lawmakers to significantly raise fines for violations of data protection laws.Johannes Caspar, the data protection supervisor in Hamburg, said the fine, which was close to the maximum of €150,000, or $195,000, that he could legally impose, was woefully inadequate to stop the collection practices of companies as large as Google. fined over illegal wi-fi data capture in Germany
Google has been fined €145,000 (£125,000) by German data regulators for illegally recording information from unsecured wi-fi networks.The country’s data chief called it “one of the biggest known data protection violations in history”.But the regulator admitted the amount was “totally inadequate” as a deterrent to the company. fines Google a paltry $189,000 over Street View Wi-Fi scanning
After years of deliberation, a German provincial privacy regulator has fined Google €145,000 ($189,000) — nearly the legal maximum of €150,000 — over its Wi-Fi scanning scandal.On Monday, Hamburg’s data protection commissioner, who led German and European data protection officials in investigating Google’s actions, said in a statement that Google’s internal privacy mechanisms “failed seriously.”

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