Stephen Fry threatens to quit Twitter following horrid tweeters

Stephen Fry has said he is going to quit Twitter after a fellow user of the popular internet site described him as “boring”.The television presenter has been one of Britain’s biggest champions of the social networking site. Last month he used it to announce the end of his television series Kingdom. He also used Twitter to spearhead a campaign against a newspaper columnist who had described the death of Stephen Gately, the gay pop star, as “sleazy”, describing the article as “loathsome”. see:Fry ends row with Twitter critic
Stephen Fry has made online peace with another user of the micro-blogging site Twitter who called his posts “boring”.The actor and presenter, who has more than 900,000 followers, had threatened to leave the site, saying there was “too much aggression and unkindness”.But fans rallied round, attacking his critic and begging him to stay.Fry and the user later apologised to each other, with the star saying his reaction had been “a mood thing” and he now felt “more sheepish than a sheep”. Fry’s fans lobby actor not to give up Twitter
Stephen Fry was tonight inundated with messages from fans begging him to reconsider a threat to quit the social networking site Twitter, of which he has become Britain’s best known exponent.The actor and presenter, whose “tweets” about his daily life are followed by close to a million users of the micro-blogging site, and who has played a key role in its emergence as a lightning conductor for public protest, sparked a deluge of online mesages after he announced his “retirement”.

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