Step forward on Australia’s e-waste law; UK ‘worst electrical recycler’ in Europe

Mandatory recycling of old electronic equipment is a step closer, with the nation’s environment ministers agreeing to consider new laws aimed at keeping dangerous and bulky e-waste out of landfill.In particular, ministers have committed to a product stewardship system that will force electronics makers to participate in recycling programs for consumers’ old televisions, computers, mobile phones and even microwave ovens.,24897,25523583-15306,00.htmlAlso see:$35 waste tax to keep Australia’s old TVs, coputers out of landfill
Australians face a new tax on electronic goods such as televisions and computers next year – in return for guarantees the electronic waste will not be dumped in landfill or shipped overseas.The Federal Government is also considering a national scheme for refunds on bottles and cans and will hold public consultations.

A meeting of environment ministers in Hobart yesterday agreed a national “e-waste” recycling scheme would start after November. ‘worst electrical recycler’ in Europe
A study on recycling suggests Britons are the worst in Europe when it comes to recycling electrical equipment.Computer manufacturer Dell found that fewer than half of UK residents regularly recycled old hardware, compared with more than 80% of Germans.Within the UK, the Welsh are the worst when it comes to recycling technology; almost 20% have never done so.

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