Stay safe online: a guide for parents and children by Will Gardner, CEO of Childnet International

The release of the Internet Watch Foundation’s new online live-streaming research, titled Trends in Online Child Sexual Exploitation: Examining the Distribution of Captures of Live-streamed Child Sexual Abuse may have concerned some parents.

In this research the author worked with over 2000 cases where (she believed) children had been either groomed or coerced into live-streaming videos of themselves, via their webcam, mobile or tablet. Most of the illegal videos she saw had been recorded by offenders, who viewed the live-streamed abuse and then redistributed it. In many cases, the children appeared to be completely unaware a recording was being made.

This research highlights the need for us all to be aware that although the internet can be a great place for young people, there are some potential dangers posed by technology. This blog includes some advice and top tips to help children to be safe online whilst live-streaming.

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