State-sponsored cyber espionage projects now prevalent, say experts

At least four government-sponsored programmes to deploy cyber-espionage software like the Flame, Duqu and Stuxnet software – the latter used against computers in Iran – are in progress around the world, according to sources in the intelligence and computer communities.Computer security experts say privately that the number of projects deployed is actually much higher, and that the systems have been under development since at least 1996, when the internet had barely begun its transition from a US government and academic network to an international and public one. see:Will cyberattacks define the future of war?
Is the future of warfare going to be fought by soldiers using bullets, bombs and missiles — or by computer geeks hunched over a laptop?Both, say experts in cyber conflict, in response to a recent article, titled “U.S. Admits to Cyber Attacks: The Future of Conflict,” by security specialist Pierluigi Paganini, writing at Infosec Island.

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