Start Your Engines: Domain Name Trading Set to Begin Down Under

With the rules regarding transferring domain names down under about to change, The Sun Herald publishes a story to alert Australians of the changes.The main change will allow trading in domain names and will most likely come into effect in June this year. However before any of the domain traders around the world start licking their lips in anticipation at the prospect of adding names to their portfolio, there are still eligibility requirements such as an Australian presence.The CEO of auDA is quoted as saying the ban was being lifted because”it made no sense”.The article also looks at the Australian domainers Dark Blue Sea, listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, which has a portfolio of 550,000 domain names through its subsidiary Fabulous. The article says this is thought to be the second largest portfolio in the world and last year reported a profit of more than A$3.5 million.To see The Sun Herald article, see, or for a shorter version in The Sun Herald at or

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