.SRL: Launch Of New gTLD For Companies

SRL new gTLD logoInterNetX has announced the launch of General Availability for the new gTLD .SRL. The gTLD is dedicated to organisations legally registered as Società a Responsabilità Limitata (S.R.L.). GA commenced on 26 October.

Among others, S.R.L. is particularly popular in South America, especially in Argentina, Mexico, Panama und Paraguay. In Europe, the legal form is commonly used in Italy and Spain. There are over four million companies worldwide using the SRL title. The new extension opens up opportunities for businesses to present themselves as a certified S.R.L. on the Web. .SRL provides business the opportunity to register short, memorable and trustworthy Internet addresses. Additionally, registrations requirements of .SRL domains ensure that only companies which operates as a S.R.L. can register addresses under the top-level domain. This makes the new domain extension a seal of quality, which companies can use to present themselves as trustworthy partners on the Internet.

The .SRL is provided by InterNetX Corp., a subsidiary of InterNetX GmbH. Founded in Regensburg (Germany) in 1998, InterNetX GmbH become one of world’s leading providers of domain products for businesses. InterNetX Corp. was founded in 2013, based on the long lasting experience on the international B2B market. As a registry, InterNetX Corp. offers new domain extensions aimed particularly towards certified companies.

As the first new gTLD released by the InterNetX Corp., .LTDA become available for registration on December 2, 2014. The domain extension is aimed at companies with the legal form “Ltda” in Latin America. “We’re very excited to introduce now .SRL, continuing the process we started a few months back with .LTDA.”, said Thomas Mörz, CEO of InterNetX. “We believe this is a great opportunity for companies looking to establish a trustworthy and secure online appearance, to whom we can offer a home on the web that suits their needs.”

The .SRL domain already went through the Sunrise Period, during which it was available for companies with registered trademarks in ICANN’s Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH). On October 26, 2015, the domain entered the General Availability stage and is now open for registrations to the general public.