Spotify spots gap in online music market for next generation of mixtapes

It is a hark-back to the days when music was held on a shelf, not a hard drive. A time when people discovered new bands by scouring the record collections of others, or first heard tracks when a friend put them on a tape.Spotify, the online music service, takes its first steps into social networking today with a suite of new features that allow people to share songs instantly with others and search for new tracks based on what their friends are listening to. The move represents a new direction and significant risk for the fledgeling Swedish company as it tries to take on Apple’s iTunes as the first place that modern music-lovers go to manage their treasured catalogue. see:Spotify promises ‘massive’ revamp
Spotify has announced big changes which will allow users to share music with one another in what it claims is one of the biggest shake ups to the music streaming service since it launched in late 2008.In a move towards social networking, it’s aiming to let users swap and share music tracks as well as allowing them to check out what their friends are listening to. upgrades with social and library features
Spotify begins a major upgrade today that will see the music streaming service add significant social features including a ‘Spotify Music Profile’ and Facebook friend integration.In what Daniel Ek, Spotify’s founder and chief executive, described as “the biggest change to Spotify since our launch”, users will be able to create a Spotify Music Profile, add friends within Spotify or import their Facebook friend list and browse their friends’ music collections.

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