Spotify declares war on iTunes

It’s the free music service that’s attracting thousands of new users every day, and now Spotify is taking on the daddy of online music – iTunes. The on-demand streaming service has signed a deal to sell MP3 downloads as well as just playing them.Tracks on the Spotify player, which looks not unlike Apple’s familiar iTunes software, will now come with a link leading its European users to downloadable, 320 kilobyte per second MP3 copies of songs and albums via the London-based online music store, 7Digital which sells individual tracks for as little as 50p, and some albums for just £3. While the service will begin by offering individual tracks and albums, it will soon allow users to buy entire playlists either constructed by themselves or shared by other users.Spotify, which has a catalogue of six million tracks and this month announced that it had surpassed one million members, allows its users to enjoy streamed playlists interrupted infrequently by advertisements. It also offers a premium streaming service, which, for a fee of £9.99 per month, allows subscribers to listen ad-free.

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