Spotify aims to ‘make iTunes redundant’

Online music service Spotify is turning up the heat on Apple as it aims to create an alternative to iTunes.The company is extending many of its premium services, including an iPhone and iPod app, to non-paying members.It is also encouraging customers to import their music collection into Spotify, rather than Apple’s system.However, analysts have questioned how much impact the service can have, given iTunes’ dominance and its close integration with Apple devices. see:Spotify launches Apple iTunes ‘rival’
If you hate using Apple’s iTunes to synchronise songs on your iPod or iPhone, the music streaming service Spotify would like your attention. It is rolling out a new version of its desktop and mobile application for all of its users, including the ad-supported “free” users, which will synchronise tracks from their computer to iPods, iPhones and Android phones.It is also introducing its own music store, which will allow users to buy “bundles” to pay for MP3-encoded songs from the catalogue, in which buying a bigger bundle effectively gives a discount on the songs. Thus a “bundle” of 10 tracks costs £7.99, effectively costing 80p each, while a bundle of 100 costs £50.

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