Sports Betting Big On Verisign’s .COM/.NET Trending Keywords on Back of US Supreme Court Decision

Sports betting with a bit of blockchain thrown in were the top trending keywords in Verisign’s list of top trending English keywords for .com and .net in May. The rise in sports betting keywords came on the back of the U.S. Supreme Court striking down a 1992 federal law that barred sports gambling in most places, according to a Reuters report.

The decision in mid-May has paved the way for states to legalise sports gambling and has set off a rush by businesses and states to cash in on an expected multibillion-dollar jackpot. And the jackpot has hit .com and .net domain name registrations.

“The justices endorsed New Jersey’s bid to allow such wagering in a ruling that ushers in a new era for the leading U.S. sports leagues, which had sued to block the state’s sports gambling law and called such betting a threat to the integrity of competition, fearing game-fixing and other types of cheating,” reported Reuters.

As a result, sports betting-related keywords took out 6 of the top 10 trending .com keywords and 2 for .net. For .net 3 of the trending keywords were blockchain-related.

Here are the top 10 trending keywords registered in May 2018:



sports chain
bet  block
apple  sports
bets bet
 escort  blockchain
 gambling  hemp
 betting account
adverts national
 bookie gallery
 opportunity  sites