Acquired Through Sedo for £135,000 logoSedo has announced that has sold for £135,000. The domain name,, was sold through Sedo by one of its customers to Media Corporation plc, an Internet media and advertising company. It will develop during the first quarter of 2008 with the aim of it becoming a worldwide provider of comprehensive sports statistics and information. All facts and figures on matches, athletes, teams, results, competitions tournaments, stadiums and sponsors will be provided in what eventually aims to be one of the world’s largest sports information websites. will also be developed to cover historical results, articles, biographies, actual statistics and sports-related material such as photos, news, calendars and memorabilia on a wide range of sports.

Justin Drummond, chief executive, Media Corporation plc, commented: “The value of a top-tier Internet domain name combined with a profitable advertising driven business model was recently illustrated by the Group’s successful sale of for up to £3.625 million. We are aiming to replicate this success with as we continue to increase the scale and diversity of the Group’s web publishing business.”

Nora Nanayakkara, director of business development and sales, Sedo UK, commented: “Through Sedo’s trusted market place and brokerage service, Media Corporation has secured a highly sought after Internet domain name. The acquisition of a market-capturing name like supports a growing trend of organisations that are purchasing premium, generic, Internet domain names in the secondary market. By owning these domain names, companies can grow their online presence and steal a march on the competition by securing valuable type in traffic.”

Sedo’s online marketplace lists over 10 million Internet domain names and in November 2007, sold for £150,000, the highest published figure paid for a Internet domain name.