Spitzer Scandal Erupts; Domain Names Registered

Within minutes of the scandal involving New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, allegedly “Client 9”, breaking in the New York Times, Nick Galbreath, a 37 year-old software engineer in Manhattan, registered the client9.com domain for $10.13 according to Wired.”The original story didn’t name [Governor Eliot] Spitzer directly, but I thought [Client9.com] sounded catchy, so I bought it,” Mr Galbreath told Wired.He wasn’t alone. Speculators have bought up all client 9-related domains, including client-9.net, client-9.com, and client69.com. While rm871.com was already registered – the tryst allegedly took place in room 871 – room871.com is for sale for US$750.However Mr Galbreath may not get much in the way of returns. He says he has made around $11 in ad sales over the 24 hours prior to the Wired story, but that he has spent eight hours developing the website, and answering emails and phone calls. Not a great return, to date anyway. And he has not had any offers to purchase the domain name either.Meanwhile client-9.net was registered as soon as the scandal broke. It now has a website that describes itself as “dedicated to Eliot Spitzer and his recent involvement with a prostitution ring is not explicit, it is intended for mature audiences. Client9.net contains material regarding Eliot Spitzer which is intended for mature audiences. If you find information regarding prostitution rings, The Emporers Club VIP, or if you are not of legal age to follow links to adult material, please exit now.”This site has resulted in new members joining an existing website and an increase in sales, and the owners intend to keep the website up. “As long as I make one sale per year, the domain pays for itself. This type of news lasts forever. And so does the traffic,” Chris Potoski, owner of No Rival Media, a publisher that dabbles in adult content, told Wired.The Wired story is available at blog.wired.com/business/2008/03/client-9-client.html.

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