Speech by Dr. Ivy Matsepe-Casaburri, Minister of Communications, South Africa at CRASA Workshop on the Impact of Convergence on ICT Policy and Regulation

This speech, by the South African Minister of Communications in June 2007 discusses an “African renaissance” through the use of ICT across the continent and that it “is an emerging reality; it is attainable and it is within reach.”The speech advocates the continued growth and use of ICT, and its importance in today’s world where convergence is key. The Minister reflects on her experiences visiting South Korea and, says, “witnessed the power of technology, especially broadband and the convenience it provides in regards of education, health, safety and security, transport and other social services, as well as its role in enabling inclusive economic participation. The Korean experience shows that with vision and political will all countries can emerge as model users of ICTs to address their social and economic needs.”

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