Spear The Phishers–Not The Fish

To fight cybercrime on the Web, security experts have tried “good cop” tactics. They’ve worked to teach users to spot and avoid the “phishing” sites that spread malicious software and steal bank codes. They’ve tried tweaking Web browsers and search engines to make scam sites more apparent. But as the dark side of the Web continues to grow and evolve, they’re considering a harsher strategy: wiping crime sites off the Web altogether.The Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG), a consortium of cybersecurity firms and Web businesses, is pushing a new initiative to streamline the process of permanently deleting fraud sites from the Web. Working with the registries that control and distribute domain names, the APWG is crafting a system that would accredit security organizations to act as the Web’s watchdogs, identifying phishing sites. The flagged sites are then pulled from registries and so banished from the Internet, sometimes in just minutes.

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