Spanish government domain names held to ransom over water

A cybersquatter is holding the Spanish government to ransom by refusing to give up the domain names of several government ministries unless they agree to transfer water to all of Spain’s drought stricken regions reports London’s The Daily Telegraph.

Following last month’s Spanish election and the subsequent creation of four new ministries, an enterprising registrant registered the names of the new ministries, beating the new government agencies to it.

The registrant, whom the Telegraph reports is ” unnamed blogger from Alicante, south-east Spain”, will only give the domain names to the government if his demands are met. And the demand is for the prime minister “to introduce a nationwide system of transferring water from the River Ebro, which runs from the Pyrenees to the Mediterranean, to all of those regions in Spain that suffer water shortages.”

The government is taking action to retrieve the domain names, but in the meantime will be setting up alternatives.

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