Spammers taking advantage of free online hosters

Security giant McAfee warned today that spammers are increasingly exploiting online hosting companies that provide free domains and web hosting, in order to bypass anti-spam filters.In the vendor’s December 2009 Spam Report, McAfee Labs anti-spam technology lead Adam Wosotowsky and director of product marketing Elan Winkler argued that the trend has turned into “an all-out gold rush”. see:McAfee Labs’ January Spam Report
Angelina Jolie and Barack Obama are the #1 celeb subjects of choice for spammers, according to our January Spam Report. The report also reveals:

  • The top 25 men and women that were spammed
  • Chinese pharma spam isn’t going away – in fact, on Dec 14, spam levels skyrocketed with subject lines advertising discounts on Pfizer drugs
  • “Free-hosting” websites to provide spam URLs has become a major target for spammers

Be mindful of those celebrity names that appear in your inbox! Download the full report here.

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