Spam traffic plunges after report blames server hosting company

The number of such e-mails falls about two-thirds worldwide after Internet providers cut off a server company accused of enabling nefarious activity.Microsoft Corp. founder Bill Gates’ 2004 proclamation that the spam problem would be solved within two years has proved a bitter joke, with unsolicited messages doubling yearly to make up about 90% of mail transmitted on the Internet.But this week, the tide turned. The number of unwanted, offensive and misleading e-mails sent across the globe plummeted by about two-thirds, to a mere 60 billion or so a day by Thursday, according to spam filtering companies.,0,1102514.storySpam plummets as gang leaves net
The closure of a web hosting firm that is believed to have had spam gangs as clients has led to a drastic reduction in junk mail.Two US internet service providers have pulled the plug on the firm McColo following an investigation by the Washington Post newspaper. plummets after hosting service shuttered
Spam volumes plunged by more than 40% after a major bot hosting network was shut down, researchers at IronPort Systems Inc. said Wednesday.On Tuesday, McColo was kicked offline when its primary Internet providers severed its connection to the Web, reported the Washington Post, which led an investigation of the hosting service. According to the newspaper, McColo’s clients included cyber-criminal groups that ran some of the biggest spam-spewing and malware-spreading botnets. drops 75% as major host shut down
Global spam levels have dropped by as much as 75 per cent following the shutdown of a US web host that provided the backbone for most of the world’s spam.The bust has sent spammers scrambling and, although it occurred on Tuesday in the US, spam volumes remain down today, security companies say.

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