Spam accounts for 86% of all emails

Worldwide spam has surged by nine times and now makes up 86 percent of all emails, says Symantec.According to the security firm’s October State of Spam report, ‘toxic’ spam or spam that contains malware accounts for 4.5 percent of all spam. see:More malware per spam e-mail last month
The volume of malware-infected spam rose nine times between August and September this year, according to Symantec’s “October State of Spam” report.Released Friday, the monthly spam report also indicated that infected spam spiked to 4.5 percent in September. “While the single digit increase may seem relatively small at first, the consequences of this rise is quite significant when you consider that 86.39 percent of all e-mail messages in September were spam,” the security vendor said in the report.,39044215,62058510,00.htm

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