South Korea rules pre-installed phone bloatware must be deletable

Smartphone users in South Korea will soon be able to have the option of deleting unnecessary pre-installed bloatware, thanks to new industry guidelines commencing in April.”The move aims to rectify an abnormal practice that causes inconvenience to smartphone users and causes unfair competition among industry players,” said the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning, in a press release. see:Korean government wants to cull crapware, says all apps must be delete-able
Once a smartphone reaches the hands of a new buyer, it might be loaded with dozens of extra apps – some from the hardware maker, some loaded by the telco that sells the phone. All those apps take up your storage and drain your battery – and they can’t be deleted. Hence the name bloatware. South Korea’s Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning signaled today that it aims to tackle this issue by saying that companies must permit phone buyers to delete those extra apps.These guidelines will come info force in April, notes ZDNet today. They cover all Android phones sold in the country.

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