South Africa Accounts for 60% of Africa's Domain Registrations

South Africa accounts for around 60 per cent of all domain name registrations on the African continent, while the remaining 50 or so countries account for the remaining 40 per cent, according to a Biz Community report.
Of the 108 million registered domain names in the world, Africa accounts for less than one million of these, and South Africa has 492,164 registrations according to the report.
“‘Until we sort out the issue of infrastructures, including networks, regulations and broadband, as a continent we will always remain behind,’ [Vika Mpisane, GM of .za DNA (.za Domain Name Authority)] added, citing the lack of political will as a fundamental obstacle,” the report noted.
And the reason South Africa has the .ZA country code. Mpisane told Biz Community “Saudi Arabia outsmarted us way before 1990 and we ended up with .za.”
To register your .ZA domain name, check out Africa Registry here.