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The ubiquity of broadband has allowed web users to download content with ease. But should TV view the internet as a friend or foe?Long-standing assumptions about the bitter rivalry between TV and the internet are being swept aside as Britain’s terrestrial broadcasters venture more online TV on demand, streaming content and near-live simulcasting via the web.Ever since broadband speeds made it feasible to share large files over the net, users have been able to obtain hours of illegally-distributed broadcast content from the web. Accessing content online these days is easier than ever.And while for most viewers broadcast TV remains quicker, easier and higher quality than most online offerings, more people are using the net to catch up on or rewatch their favourite shows, scheduling their own programme of content sourced from the major broadcast outlets. The screen may be smaller, and the range of programming not yet up to that of live channels, but that hasn’t halted growth in the range of online services offered by broadcasters such as ITV and C4.,,2261636,00.htmlCutting TV time makes children healthier, says US study
Stopping children from watching TV really does make them healthier and less fat, according to one of the few studies to observe the effects of intervening directly in their watching habits.

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