Solomon Islands Cabinet Passes Ban on Facebook

Cabinet has agreed to ban the world’s biggest social networking site, Facebook, in Solomon Islands.

Said to be a temporary measure the submission for the ban on Facebook was said to be brought to Cabinet by the Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare and Communication and Civil Aviation Minister Peter Shanel Agovaka.

Minister Agovaka told Solomon Times Online (STO) that this temporary ban was made because of the controversial issues raised via Facebook.

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Solomon Islands to pursue ban on Facebook after govt criticism on platform – media
The Solomon Islands is planning to ban the use of Facebook for an indeterminate period after inflammatory critique of the government was aired on the social media platform, the Solomon Times reported.

Solomon Islands to ban Facebook
Solomon Islands Cabinet has agreed to ban Facebook, citing a need for stricter cybercrime legislation and regulation.

Solomon Islands government preparing to ban Facebook
The Solomon Islands government is preparing to ban Facebook – an attempt, it says, to limit “abusive language” and “character assassination” but which critics argue is an attempt to curtail criticism of the government.

If implemented Solomon Islands would join China, Iran, and North Korea as outlawing Facebook. Other countries have temporarily blocked it, including the island nation of Nauru which prohibited Facebook in 2015 but unblocked access in 2018.

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