Social media used to recruit new wave of British jihadis in Syria

In a basement beneath the Strand in London, just metres from the cafes of Somerset House, two academics sit hunched over their laptops.One routinely perches himself on a bright pink exercise ball, the other opts for a rickety office chair. Over days, weeks and months they have used their computer screens as a portal into one of the bloodiest conflicts of the modern age in what they say is an effort to understand, engage and give a voice to those young men who choose to leave the western democracies they call home to join the insurgents in Syria fighting the Assad regime. see:The Facebook jihadis seeking action in Syria
“Is it possible to do jihad half a year?” asks one would-be recruit, apparently seeking to join a rebel group in Syria on a short-stay basis. The question is directed at a man on the website who describes himself as “a stranger currently fighting in Syria”.Other questioners seek advice on how easy it is to cross the border into Syria from Turkey and the best way to persuade parents to allow them to go.

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