Social media may have been blocked during Turkey coup attempt

Turkey may be blocking or slowing access to social media networks amid an attempted military coup, although there are conflicting reports emerging from the country that’s been described as a “bastion of internet censorship” by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.Turkey Blocks, an organization that monitors internet censorship in the country, tweeted on Friday evening that Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube were being blocked, but that Vimeo and Instagram were still functioning. see:Twitter, Facebook move quickly to stem celebrations of Nice attack
Twitter Inc moved swiftly to remove posts from Islamic extremists glorifying a truck attack in Nice, France, watchdog groups said Friday, in a rare round of praise for a platform that has often struggled to contain violent propaganda.A spate of violence over the past several months has posed numerous challenges to social media companies. The unfolding military coup in Turkey was marked first by restrictions on social media, internet monitoring groups said, but the crackdown appeared to ease as the events unfolded and numerous citizens broadcast live video on Facebook and sent tweets.

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