.SO To Launch on 1 November

The dotSO ccTLD for the Republic of Somalia has announced that it will be launching on 1 November 2010 with a general availability commencing on 1 March, 2011 for any person anywhere in the world.

The 1 November start date will see the commencement of a sunrise period during which holders of eligible trademarks will have the opportunity to submit a corresponding application for the registration of a .SO domain name.

The sunrise period will close on 30 November. Following this there will be a Sunrise auction from 1 to 15 December for domain names for which there have been more than one application.

A Landrush period will run from 16 December to 9 February, 2011, during which any interested party shall have the opportunity to submit one or more applications for domain names that were not previously registered or applied for during the Sunrise Processes.

From 10 to 28 February there will be a Landrush auction for domain names for which there was more than one application.

On 1 March domain names will become available for any eligible registrant on a first-come, first served basis.

Prices will vary depending on when domain names are registered. During the Sunrise period, the cost will be US$90.00 for three years. During the Landrush and open registration (general availability), domain names will cost US$10.00 per year. Regardless of when the domain name is registered, the maximum registration period is ten years.

The ccTLD was re-delegated to the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications (MoPT) on 17 April 2009 by ICANN.

There will be four domains, for which registrations will be available. These are:

  • .so: general purpose
  • com.so: commercial entities
  • net.so: networks
  • org.so: not-for-profit organisations.

For more information on the launch of .SO, see the dot SO registry website at soregistry.so.