SnapNames Increases Starting Bid For Backorders For All Deleting Domain Names

SnapNames has increased the starting bid for backorders for all deleting domain names from $59 to $69 as of 15 February they have announced.

This starting bid increase applies only to orders for names that are deleted from their respective registries (not the expiring or privately held names listed from registrar partners or sellers).

This change applies exclusively to new orders – any previously placed deleting domain name backorders will be grandfathered in and remain at a starting bid amount of $59; thus, $59 will be the opening bid if the name enters our system.

It is worth noting that if you are the only bidder in this scenario, on or prior to 15 February, you will be the buyer at $59. If another party backorders the same name after February 15, that party’s opening bid will be at $69 and the system will alert you to raise your bid if you so elect.

As 15 February, all non-deleting domain names will enter the SnapNames system at the starting bid price specified by the listing party. Opening bids for those names will stay at the amounts originally set.

There is no change to auction procedures. If there is only one bidder for a name at the time of its availability, the name will be awarded to that bidder.  For names with more than one interested party, the names will go to auction and the highest bid at or above the starting bid amount will prevail.