Tops Sales Charts for 2010… So Far

Domain Name Journal logoThe largest domain name sale of the year by far was the highlight of the top reported sales in the week to 20 June. sold for $5.5 million through Moniker, easily eclipsing the previous biggest sale,, also through Moniker, which sold for $1.75 million, also in June. was sold to Bodogbrand, the online gambling organisation.

With currently up for sale through Sedo, it is likely will not hold the title of largest sale of the year for long.

Other notable sales were and, both selling for $100,000, through Rick Latona and Domainator respectively.

The highest sale was, selling for $65,000 while was the biggest ccTLD sale, selling for $18,000.

For the complete list of sales for the week to 20 June published by Domain Name Journal, see: