Skype outage hits 220 million users

Skype, the online phone company, was today (17th) working to fix an outage that left its 220 million users unable to make cheap calls over the internet.The company said this afternoon said that its service was stabilising but that it had not yet resolved the problem, which was apparently caused by a fault in its software that means users could not sign on. see:
Software flaw shuts down Skype telephone service
The online telephone service Skype was not working for much of the day Thursday, leaving its 220 million users, some of them small businesses that had given up their landlines, with no way to call colleagues, customers and friends.Executives at Skype, a division of eBay that is based in Luxembourg, said its engineers worked throughout the day to bring the service back online. But they said that while they had pinpointed the source of the problem, they still did not know why it had resulted in a network failure, and they could not ensure that the service would run smoothly.

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