Skype Banned in China? Not So Fast…

Is China’s government going after Skype?Media reports over the past week have raised that prospect in relation to a government clampdown on “illegal” voice-over-Internet-protocol, or VoIP, telephone services.But it’s far from clear at this point that Skype is, in fact, a target.The recent spate of reports has its roots in a brief notice (in Chinese), dated Dec. 10, on the website of China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. “Currently, our ministry is working with relevant departments on launching an effort to strike against illegal VoIP services, and we are collecting clues from the public about illegal VoIP cases,” said the notice, which listed a phone number people can call to report such services. “We welcome people from all walks of life to report clues on illegal VoIP using their real names. Our ministry will do whatever is legally possible to protect the confidentiality of those who report.”To read this Wall Street Journal report in full, see:

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