Six areas picked to start Australian broadband network

The Rudd government has named six broadband-deprived areas as the first recipients of its $250 million cash injection to kickstart the $43 billion national broadband network in rural areas, reports The Australian.The areas — Emerald and Longreach in Queensland, Geraldton in Western Australia, Darwin in the Northern Territory, Broken Hill in NSW, Victor Harbor in South Australia and South West Gippsland in Victoria — were identified as in most need of funding to fast-track the rollout of the government’s fibre-to-the-home network.To read this report in full from The Australian, see:,24897,25721734-15319,00.htmlAlso see:Roll-out of the great broadband network to begin
The Federal Government has revealed which parts of Australia will benefit first from its broadband black-spot program, the first stage of the proposed national network.The $250 million program is designed to provide competition in rural and regional areas where Telstra has a monopoly on the cable running from a network trunk to towns, also known as back-haul or backbone. A tender process, closing on August 5, began simultaneously with yesterday’s announcement.

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